Who We Are

Why We’re Different

Miracle Youth Productions differs from other programs in that we are driven by the synergistic relationship between educating our youth, supporting the missions of non-profits and participating in the development of small business.

In today’s COVID influenced ecosystem, nonprofits, particularly those with a message or need to advertise, are forced to rely on audio and video productions formatted for various social media channels. This provides our youth, as interns, with resources and purpose to apply their interests and aspirations in an enterprise where they can learn and develop. This environment gives them valuable experience while costing them nothing more than their effort.

As their passions mature into marketable skills, they will end their voluntary internship at the nonprofit and can be employed by Miracle Youth Productions. Small businesses benefiting from our services may ultimately choose to employ them.

Now employed outside the program, these successful members of our community can choose to support the nonprofits that provided the opportunity for them to realize their aspirations. In that way this sustainable model continues.

Key Outcomes


  • Within 12 months of working with Miracle Youth Productions youth in our program will identify career goals with at least 50% enrolled in high school or college career programs while continuing their internship.
  • At enrollment in our program, high school students will work with a diverse team to explore their interests, find their passions and align those passions to their future plans. College students will identify a project that will address their course requirements. With our support and coaching all who make the effort will complete the project as required by the course by the end of the term in which they enroll.
  • Within the first 6 months of entering our internship program all interns will identify 3 areas of interest that have clear value in the workplace and are supported by college career programs that will be developed during their college career.


  • Our small business customers meet today’s demands to educate and market to their customers through video.
  • We provide our small business customers with right sized video services while limiting risk.
  • Small businesses give back to our community by working with youth who are developing their careers and helping our youth reach their career goals.